We strive to be first. Being number one is synonymous with being the best. Whatever the race is, whatever the prize, we want to be first. What about the second guy? What if you aren’t number one?

2nd is a wondrous place to be! Getting second helpings of dessert? Yum! Second chances? Yes please! Second try? Bravo for not giving up!

From day one I have been the “second” one. I’m the second girl in my family and the runner up in much of my childhood accomplishments. Often I feel like I am sitting second in life, always one step behind so many amazing people. Now I have become Mrs. Smith and happily that makes me the Second Smith.

So here it goes! This is another go at living my dream and leaving it here on the world’s doorstep.




golden skies and a SECOND sunrise

The allure of the mountains of NC is boundless. My first visit mere weeks ago left me captivated, so much so that I ventured once again to this illustrious landscape. If you happen to find yourself drawn to these mountains as I have, do yourself a favor and find a...

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