We strive to be first. Being number one is synonymous with being the best. Whatever the race is, whatever the prize, we want to be first. What about the second guy? What if you aren’t number one?

2nd is a wondrous place to be! Getting second helpings of dessert? Yum! Second chances? Yes please! Second try? Bravo for not giving up!

From day one I have been the “second” one. I’m the second girl in my family and the runner up in much of my childhood accomplishments. Often I feel like I am sitting second in life, always one step behind so many amazing people. Now I have become Mrs. Smith and happily that makes me the Second Smith.

So here it goes! This is another go at living my dream and leaving it here on the world’s doorstep.




JUST turn right- a little Buffalove

Buffalo, NY is well known for snow and chicken wings, for good reason. We have buckets of snow falling almost any time of the year and the chicken wings, well you can’t get anything like them anywhere else! In case you were wondering, there is a lot more to Buffalo! I...

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a SECOND room to stay: unexpected brussels

Chocolate and waffles, chocolate waffles! That was the extent of my understanding and expectations for Brussels. How could a city disappoint with such simple standards! Well it did, at least for the first 24hrs. But don’t dismay Belgian enthusiasts; it had a quick...

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you don't have to leave home

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things – Henry Miller Travel is not something that just takes you to a different country. While that is a very exciting experience and something most of us spend our lives dreaming...

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