Buffalo, NY is well known for snow and chicken wings, for good reason. We have buckets of snow falling almost any time of the year and the chicken wings, well you can’t get anything like them anywhere else! In case you were wondering, there is a lot more to Buffalo!

I have lived in Buffalo for the past 4 years and I was getting bored. I felt like I needed a change of cities to find an adventure, but then I realized that I just needed to stop going to the “usual” spots. I needed to step out and discover what else there was for my city to offer. As simple as it sounds my rediscovery and love affair with Buffalo started when I went out for a bike ride and took a right turn. Instead of taking my usual route straight down the road from my house I turned and that right turn took me over a bridge, onto a surprisingly well maintained and paved path into the Outer Harbor. It was like night and day! I couldn’t believe that within a mile there could be congested downtown streets and nature trails with so much open space.

There is so much I want to gush about and don’t know where to start. So her is a short list of some amazing city escapes:

But my favorite right now has to be Wilkeson Pointe. It’s maybe 2 miles from my house, but really feels a world away its amazing. All I need is a book, my outdoor blanket and water bottle for a perfect day! I don’t know if everyone has this problem, but there are many days I just need to unplug and escape! I don’t always have a lot of time because of a busy work schedule and just life in general. Wilkeson Pointe is the perfect spot for me.

I think that there is something to be said for traveling alone. Solo traveling I have found to be a very emotionally, physically, even mentally soothing and revealing experience. I love traveling with people, but sometimes to just be alone with your thoughts and your surroundings can be just what I need to help settle myself and get a better handle on all the things going on in my life. I have found one of the calmest and mind opening times for me to do this is at sunset in Wilkeson Pointe. Everything seems to reach an ultimate calm. Laying on my blanket with my book or just staring off while there is a breeze can take the events of today, yesterday, or the whole week and just make me realize how insignificant they are. I realize how important moments like enjoying my city, appreciating my life, and where I am in my life adventure really are. That, to me is what traveling is about and not how far you go, how much time you spend, or how extravagant the trip; but rather, traveling is about the personal experience, growth, and memories made. What I am learning is that you don’t have to wait until your travel buddy is free or until I get vacation time to go somewhere. Just go! Even if it’s just around the corner and by yourself, go. I feel like we have our separate adventures that just add even more to our adventures we have together!

So before you write off your city as boring and lifeless make sure you take a step out of your daily routine and all those well-known spots. Take that right turn instead of left, you might find something new about your city and about yourself.

-Just Jes- 

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