Since there isn’t a lot of time in a day then there’s not nearly enough time in a weekend! Two day weekends are what we consider “short”. From 5pm on a Friday to 630am on a Monday doesn’t seem like enough time to traverse the continent and immerse yourself in a bubble bath let along a whole culture! I admit that it’s hard to get much out of a short weekend escape, particularly when airport security is involved but you need to go anyways!

If you wait for the perfect time to call your brother who lives in Japan or the right weather to take a proper British walk, you’re gonna wear a hole in your couch! Short weekends are all the husband and I get. Between our busy schedules and lack of vacation time we try to make the most out of the weekends we are together.

That’s why we spent 32hrs in Switzerland.

Lausanne looks like a mini Parisian, lakeside escape. Quiet enough to relax but bustling enough to shake the boredom. We stayed in the Agora Swiss hotel. This is one of those upbeat hotels that doesn’t take it too far (I’m looking at you Brussels hotel that had glass walls to the bathroom). The Agora saved their glass for better use. With a glass domed breakfast room that gives the most perfect panoramic views of Lake Geneva, our day couldn’t have started any better.

We decided to stick to the trains this trip (which were conveniently located a block from the hotel). This train to Diablerets gave glimpses of the towering mountains around Lake Geneva and the picturesque towns that dot the shores. Eventually we switched trains onto a much smaller, much more rickety version that climbed up the mountains, hugging the ridge the whole way.

Apparently I am a true Marine’s daughter because anytime I see a hill I want to be at the top of it. Luckily on this day there was a gondola to take us to the top of Diablerets. Here we found ourselves at the base of this breathtaking white expanse. The glacier gently rolled across the mountain enveloping it in it’s frozen glory.



The Tissot Peak to Peak suspension bridge was our target for the day. It was conveniently located on two peaks that were adjacent to the second gondola stop. I’m not a fan of heights especially ones that involve freezing side winds on icy metal bridges. I mustered the fortitude to cross it, after all the whole thing was my idea. The views were definitely worth the freak-out.


Since that took way less time than anticipated we trekked across the glacier to the bar on the other side. There’s nothing quite like drinking a glacier chilled beer under fur blankets overlooking the swiss alps. This is a must do if in Swiss territory.

We finished the day with the typical dinner and thawing out in the hotel sauna. It may have been a short weekend, whopping 32hrs in country, but it was nothing short of a remarkable journey! So take advantage of those short weekends! There is so much potential and possibility! Don’t miss out on something amazing just because you don’t think you have time. I promise you do!

You may come home to a messy house and loads of laundry to catch up on but what are you going to remember in 30 years, a beer with the love of your life on the side of a mountain or separating darks from lights?



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