Guide to Belgium: Brussels

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Ready to discover your own unexpected Brussels?

As a mere passer by of the city I can only offer you the suggestion of where to find endless beer and where to avoid see-through bathrooms. To do this city and the country that my favorite beer hails from more justice, here are two of my favorite guides! I’d love to hear about your experiences and any recommendations you can make for a SECOND round of Belgium!

Get to Know the City

SpeakĀ Dutch & French
Spend Euros (I’d hope so they’re the EU HQ!)
EatĀ Chocolate, Waffles, Mussels & Beer, maybe just not all at the same time…

The Locals' Guide

Not your average guide. With insider tips from the locals you can learn about what to skip (like going in the Atomium) and where the best free view of the city is. Not to mention other tidbits like where to take a waffle workshop, bonus is you can eat as much as you want!

Lonely Planet

More of your typical guide but still a great resource. It offers hotel suggestions, let me know if yours ends up being as weird as mine! A pretty comprehensive guide including tour ideas, essential transportation information and greater Brussels sights including the famous poppies of Flanders Fields.

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