Trip Planning Basics

3 simple tools to get you started

For inspiration on where to go I’m a big fan of National Geographic Travel, Travel & Leisure and Instagram. I’ve racked up a very long list of places I want to go, it basically consists of EVERYWHERE! It’s easy to find inspiration but putting that dream to reality can be overwhelming. A large part of trip planning is dependent on time and budget. There’s no reason to go completely broke to scratch that wanderlust itch or to treat travel planning like a wedding. It’s completely possible to wait until the last minute and go somewhere! So here is a quick compilation of few of my favorite resources for planning in a pinch.

Getting There


If everywhere is on your list this is the site you definitely want to check out! There is even a destination “Everywhere”. It will tell you what the cheapest destinations are not only on your desired dates but for entire months! This is great for last minute, “hey let’s get out of here, where can we go” trips.

Staying There


Yes I’ve had some interesting experiences with some of the places but that’s part of travel! Whether you find a place with an amazing view or a weird local host you’ll have a story to tell when it’s all said and done. It’s great for cheaper accommodation with the added bonus of immersing yourself beyond just starchy hotels.

Exploring There


It comes in both web and app forms. This is my favorite efficient way to plan trips. You can build entire itineraries and share among friends with a convenient summary that’s also pretty to look at. While it’s nice to have a plan some of my best experiences came from stumbling upon unexpected wonders in a city. This app can help you discover a few lesser known but just as amazing sites and cluster what you know you want to do so that you can make the most of your time (saves walking from one of the city to the other and back again because you didn’t realize how close that other museum actually was to begin with…) It will also tell you weather reports, entrance costs of places and help you find those freebies! It has saved me a lot of time in lieu of sifting through travel guides for short notice trips.

Travel is a learned skill. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.

You’ll learn how to navigate your way around not only travel resources but local transportation, choose more enjoyable places to stay and learn what types of activities you prefer to spend your time on (hint: you don’t HAVE to go to the major attractions) Travel is personal. You don’t have to replicate someone else’s trip for yours to be worthy! As long as you enjoyed it, even in retrospect for those not so pleasant experiences, then that’s all that matters! So what’s stopping you? Go explore!

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