One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things – Henry Miller

Travel is not something that just takes you to a different country. While that is a very exciting experience and something most of us spend our lives dreaming of, that’s not all there is to it. Travel encompasses everything from the vast world beyond our borders to places already within your reach.

I move around, a lot! Before I started living in new places an hour drive to get somewhere seemed daunting and would require meticulous planning for that day away. Now one hour is a daily commute and driving four and five hours for a weekend or even a day is nothing out of the ordinary just to see something cool. “Let’s go somewhere, let’s go see something cool” is a phrase that often slips off my tongue and is enough justification to get us out of the house.

Talking to people who have lived in places like Washington or even England their whole lives it becomes apparent that comfort zones easily translate into stagnation. When it is convenient to see things we often fail back onto the notion that we can do it tomorrow. Tomorrows can turn into a lifetime. Knowing the limits of my tomorrows in a location drives me to explore and do more. I have seen more of Washington State than some of the “locals”. It doesn’t have to be that way!

There is so much in our surroundings that begs to be discovered. Take a second look at your back yard, and by back yard I mean things that are within your reach without boarding a plane. Simple day trips whether by car, bus, boat or train can be unexpected and amazing experiences. Don’t think that you have limitations on your ability to travel. Really you just need to adjust your definition of what that means.

When I think of backyard adventures I instantly look to my sister, Jes. She inspires me in so many ways but particularly when it comes to taking advantage of the world at your fingertips. She is my constant go to travel buddy to both near and far locations. In between our big adventures she has become an expert in seeking out those hidden gems around Western NY. If you need a bit of inspiration in taking off on your own backyard adventure you should check out her posts here.

To me travel is about seeing new things, seeing familiar things in a new way, connecting with the world around us and tasting its delights! You don’t have to travel far for any of that to happen! Never stop exploring!


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